Treatment of Varicose Veins

Name – Seema Thirumulpad, Bangalore

Write your Issues before the Treatment/Healing Sessions

  • Varicose veins on calf muscles and severe pain due to muscle roll up
  • Anger and negative emotions of the mind
  • Continuous bleeding even throughout the months not just during the monthly cycle.
  • Fear of taking responsibilities and fear of uncertainties

How was your experience during the course of your sessions with Chaina karmakar?

  • I started seeing a lot of difference in my body from the beginning of the sessions.
  • My Varicose veins had started reducing and the pain had started reducing
  • The fear within me had diminished and I was feeling calmer and relaxed
  • I found that I had let go of all my anger and negative emotions and was not thinking much which made me feel great.

How are you feeling after the sessions with Chaina Karmakar?

  • The Varicose veins have almost completely diminished. I do not have any pain or muscle roll up now. This is really miraculous.
  • My problem with continuous bleeding has reduced considerably and now I don’t experience pain either.
  • Anger and negative emotions have vanished and this has brought calming effect in all my daily activities and at work
  • I am able to connect more with dear ones and they are not affected by my emotions.
  • The amazing part has been that I have seen more changes in my body than I thought. My face was not in alignment earlier and after the treatment, it has become perfectly aligned.
  • Fine aging lines have been reduced and I feel my face reflects calmness.

As a summation, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Chaina karmakar for the session which has not only helped me resolve my problems but also address many underlying concerns which I never thought could be cured.

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