What is Marriage for you???

Look at your marriage, is it so difficult? Why so much of expectations from marriage? Why so much of conditioning? Why so much of complexity? Is it only for procreation? Why is there no respect for each other in a marriage? After raising children what is left with you?

marriageNowadays we talk a lot about compatibility. What’s that I don’t understand. Two people can never be the same. Why it is so difficult to accept other person the way he or she is?

We never give importance to companionship, with which we are blessed. Companionship can be beautiful if you understand the real meaning of it. While dealing with Marital issues or relationship issues, I find sexual dissatisfaction is the most flaring issue and ego make the situation worse.

In a marriage, after certain period of time when monotony sets in and there is no sexual attraction for each other or no erotica left, people start disrespecting the relationship. They are under the same roof because of children and they don’t know what to do in each other”s company because they have not invested in each other. When any one of them starts looking outside for own need, situation gets murkier. Thus how we start throwing filth on each other.

If we understand each other and the intent is clear, then without sexual intimacy we can experience companionship beautifully. Companionship can be experienced without any expectation with a grace.

Amen. ❤️❤️❤️

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