Who AM I ?

Mother, Father, Sister, Daughter, Son, Brother, Friend, Guru, Boss, Subordinate, Lover, Healer, Doctor, spiritual, religion….endless…

Who am IProblem lies in Identity. Society, people do not allow us to see through our own self. People around always want to see us in a particular frame, identity. If I am a son then I have to play the role of a perfect son, if I am a daughter-in-law then I have to play it perfectly.

The moment we try to come out of this frame, people begin to judge us. This constant judgement, our need for approval, need for acceptance from them, doesn’t allow us to live freely. We relate with all these identities and at a certain point of life, we start questioning Who am I??

And the answer is quite puzzling and confusing.These pseudo identities actually don’t allow us to know the self. The conditioning is deeply rooted and we start acting as per that conditioning without knowing self. Unconsciously we have adapted all these identities and conditioning.

For example, A healer should not judge, A father should always think about children and wife, Guru feels he should get the respect from disciples, Wife should play the typical role, spiritual people feel they should not react and thus we create an illusion and false image for us. These identities creates so much of pressure that we cannot give freely. We give only frustration, irritation, anger, hatred, jealousy etc…. We try to give as it is designed so.

If we come out of all these so called frames and start realizing our own self then all these relationships will be very different, based on compassion rather than suffocation. People will be more sensitive to each other and their free space will allow them to evolve and expand consciousness.


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