Who Will Stop???

In most of the relationships, struggle is to maintain the harmony. No one is ready to bring harmony to their relationship. If ready also, they expect others to change as they feel they are right and not ready to take the responsibility of their relationship. So who will decide between right and wrong?

Struggle in RelationshipsBlame game goes on and no one is ready to stop. Our actions have rippling effect, one throws and gets it back with more intensity. Thus we create a trap not only for ourselves but also for others. Gradually people get comfortable with this blame game and keep on complaining about life and people they are associated with. This is how we create an environment of dissatisfaction and unhappiness wherever we go. In long run people start discarding these kind of people and their association.

Most intense karmic entanglement can be seen in relationships like husband-wife, boss-subordinate, between siblings, mother-son, father-son etc etc. We carry the memory of whatever we experience through all our relationships and make future relationships based on all these experiences. Our ego does not allow us to make a shift from victim mode as being victim is really an easy job, one does not have to take any responsibility. So we keep on feeding our ego by denying or ignoring the truth.

One has to take the responsibility of his/her action/reaction. Once reaction stops at one end, people at other end for sure will throw their garbage for some time, if they don’t get it back as a reaction, they will stop too. We can bring a full stop to this kind of rippling effect. Once this effect neutralizes we can witness harmony in relationship. So one’s intent and responsibility towards self can bring harmony, peace, love within and can radiate the same wherever they go or with whom they associate with …..Amen❤️❤️❤️

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