Working on the DNA thread of the family

Working on DNA thread of the family releases the whole family from the pattern. It is like releasing a “curse” from the complete lineage in one go. We remove ancient blockages via energy healing techniques.

It is a very interesting healing process which gets DNA Threaddownloaded in meditation while working on the cases. Every case has got particular root cause which lies in the DNA of the family. Once that is cleared or removed the whole healing process becomes smooth.

Whole family can sense the shift immediately. Every family has got a predominant belief system or emotion which travels through generations and we say that it is in our genes or hereditary. When it is tracked and we work on that thread it can be healed from the root and the next generation will be free of it or at least we will not pass it on to the next generation.

On the emotional side, everybody in the family goes through a detox of old, repressed and unresolved emotions, releasing these poisons from their bodies that have been causing you a great deal of suffering in their lives.

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